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Adelaide Kane Confirms Romance With Toby Regbo?

Written by Chelsea Sowers Smith   // January 21, 2014



Adelaide Kane Confirms Her Romance With Toby Regbo!

Since Reign‘s first episode, Frary fans all over have prayed for a real romance between Adelaide and Toby. Who came blame them? Look at the way he adores her:


A photo as sweet as it is blurry:


Cutest Goofballs!


 Reign Adelaide and Toby in Love!

But now we have some hard evidence! Take a look at this Tweet Toby posted on Jan 17th:



And now take a look at this rather cheeky tweet Adelaide posted about 2 hours after Toby’s:


Isn’t that adorable? If you don’t get it, he posts about Fee Greening, who is an awesome artist and how people should get their Valentine cards from her. She posts that she knows what she’s getting her Valentine and links to Fee Greening’s page!  And quite frankly, as a huge Frary fan (Francis and Mary name combo) this is great news that I’m super excited about!  They have such a great chemistry on the show, it only makes sense that a little would rub off on them in real life!



So fans, what do you think? Are Mary and Francis in a real-life romance? If so, how do you feel about it! Sound off in the comments below and don’t forget Reign returns Jan 23 with episode 1×09 “For King and Country.” The promo video is below!

For those of you who haven’t heard, TV Film News LLC is now expanding into Individual Fan Sites. Adelaide Kane, Tory Regbo, and Toorance Combs would make perfect subjects for a Fan Site if you just can’t get enough of these stars! You could have your choice of any of the Reign stars: Alan Van Sprang, Anna Popplewell and Rossif Sutherland are up for grabs!


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